Print Squad was incorporated in Canada as a Design & Print Company in 2016, It’s already a well established firm in India since 2004 in order to expand to the Canadian market. We incorporated an affiliated Canadian company, Print Squad Graphics Corporation in 2016. We are provide a wide range of innovative Design, Print & Web services to our Clients in Canada, targeting at all types of businesses with its competitive pricing. We have over ten years of experience in Graphic Designing & Web solutions. We are providing a wide range of high-quality marketing and commercial Printing services. We are assisting clients to build their corporate identities from creative concept development to print production.

We are equipped and staffed to design and print different types of promotional materials used in marketing campaigns, including:


Product Packaging



Door Hangers

Business cards

Greeting cards









Office Stationary ​




Same Day printing services for small-volume printing, the premises will be equipped with self-service printing equipment to allow customers to create, edit and print their own materials. Mr. Sandhu will create a database of templates to assist clients to customize their printing. There will also be staff on-site to assist customers in using the printing equipment. 3. Online marketing The Canadian Company will provide an integrated online marketing solution to complement clients’ print promotional campaigns. It will work with customers in developing strategies to enhance their online presence. These services will include online market research, website design and maintenance, online advertising, strategy for social media presence, and search engine optimization. 4. Graphic design training The Canadian Company will provide evening graphic design classes in small groups at the company premises. Mr Sandhu intends for these classes to be intensive and delivered in the course of 4 to 5 classes at a rate lower than those that universities and colleges currently offer. The training topics will include design concepts and the use of design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe lllustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe InDesign, and Corel Draw.